Hello, I'm Eduardo Miquilena

Pug Lover
Self taught Web Developer
Telegram BOT programmer
Bounty & Airdrops
Husky Lover
Biomedical Engineering Student

About me

Simple guy from Venezuela, I'm a hobbyst programmer. Even thought I'm studying Biomedical Engineering, programming has been part of my life since I was 12 years old. I can say now that I'm proud of my work (there isn't that much to show up though).

I mostly work as a Freelancer on Fiverr - but aside from that, I only make some personal projects as websites for friends or little idle browser games when I'm bored! What I mostly do are Telegram bots, I'm currently working for 4 big ICO projects (SCAM, CLASSY, THUG and CSX tokens) and more to come!

My Work

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Big Projects

Ethereum Scan BOT

This bot is really helpful for all those Cryto enthusiasts that are part of many airdrops, but never know whenever they arrive, or for those that need a control over their account.

This Bot is a joint project with Freecoins24 team.


  • Add up to 2 Ethereum Addresses
  • Get notifications whenever there is a new transaction from/to your wallet.
  • Set min/max amount for notifications.
  • See a full balance of your wallets.
  • See the FIAT value of your ETH and tokens inside your balance.
  • Get real time Crypto to FIAT prices.
  • Get information about worthy Airdrops.

To-do List:

  • Multi language support
  • Premium features (more than 2 wallets)
  • Better alerts for tokens

We do NOT:

  • We WON'T ask you for any private information
  • We WON'T ask you for your private key
  • We WON'T Ask you to send tokens/eth to us.
  • We do NOT have access to your wallet aside from the public information on the blockchain (same information you can find on Etherscan).
  • As you only input your wallet Address, we CAN'T perfom any action on it, only check what's opensource.

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